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Horsemanship Badge Program

We offer the opportunity for all Scouts (Daisy's, Brownies, Juniors, Cadets, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts) to earn their horsemanship badges and patches at our facility.  We will do a program for an individual troop or you can schedule to come to a pre-arranged badge day at our farm.

Our Junior Girl Scout badge program is 4 hours long, and includes 2 hours riding the horses.  During this time the scouts listen to a riding safety class, get assigned to a horse or pony to ride, and then take a riding lesson, as well as a trail ride.  The rest of the program consists of horsemanship classes where the scouts will learn an amazing amount of information about equines.  During the class time our staff will cover breeds of horses, temperaments of main breeds, colors, markings, etc. We will also cover the tools used for grooming, how to groom, and practice grooming on ponies and horses.  The scouts will learn about western tack, English tack, type of bits, and how to saddle and bridle a horse.

During our class time we will also talk about the responsibility of owning a horse, the costs associated with owning horses, and answer questions regarding horse ownership. 

To get a badge program scheduled you must call our farm at 360-424-7630 and reserve a day and time.  We will do badge programs for individual troop as long as there are 10 or more riders.  Parents are welcome to participate in this program as well. The cost for the program is $50 per scout or $40 per adult rider.  Adult chaperones are not charged.  The Daisy and Brownie horsemanship classes are a simplified version of the Junior Badge. This shortened program runs for 3 hours for a cost of $35 per participant.

Dressappropriately for attending an all-day outdoor program.   Raincoats are a must for rainy days.  Extra layers of warm clothes are encouraged, and gloves might be helpful if weather is cool.

All Girl Scouts are required to wear a certified riding helmet. If you do not own one, a helmet will be provided free of charge.

Boots or shoes with a 1/4 inch or better squared off heel are required. If a participant does not have the correct kind of shoe, loaner boots can be provided.

Bring a sack lunch and drinks.  No drinking water is available at the farm.


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We also offer overnight camping at the farm. Click here to see our Overnight camping Flyer.


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