- Reservations required

- Checks or credit card deposits are required for parties.


- Gratuities to trail guides much appreciated.

- We also do adult birthday parties.
-Any rider under 18 years must have a release form signed by their parent in order to ride.
-Children 8 years and under with no riding experience, must have an adult lead their pony.
-Please no shorts or sandals around the ponies and horses.
-Equestrian riding helmets will be supplied by the Lang farm.  No bike helmets please.
-Picnic areas are a roof cover over several picnic tables.  They do not have electricity or running water. They can accommodate up to 30 guests.

Birthday Parties at Lang's

At Lang's,
"We make riding fun!"
Click here to download  and print release forms for your party guests.

Birthday Package 1: Rent 2-3 ponies for 1 hour, and the use of a covered picnic area for 2 hours.  This package is recommended for children 2 to 8 years old with little or no riding experience. 

2 ponies can accommodate 6 to 10 children.   Each child will receive a 5 to 7 minute trail ride.  If time allows, children may get more than one ride.      $149 + tax

3 ponies can accommodate 10 to 15 children.  Each child will receive a 5 to 7 minute ride.  If time allows, children may get more than one ride.           $199 + tax

5 ponies on a pony carousel can accommodate 15 to 30 children.  Each child will ride up two two times during the hour. Includes use of the picnic area for 3 hours.         $300 + tax

*We provide one farm staff to lead one of the ponies.  Other ponies will be lead by adults from the party.


Birthday Package 2: Trail ride with your whole group.  This is a great option for older kids or kids who have been to horse camp.  Use of a covered picnic area will be included for up to 2 hours. 

1/2 hour trail ride on ponies, 6 to 8 kids for $140 + tax

1/2 hour trail ride on horses, 6 to 8 kids or adults for $210 + tax 

45 minute trail ride on ponies, 6 to 8 kids for $175 + tax

45 minute trail ride on horses, 6 to 8 kids or adults $240 + tax

*Children under 8 years with no formal riding experience need to be lead by a parent.

* If you have more or less riders, you are welcome to schedule a ride using our private trail ride rates.


Birthday Package 3:  The all inclusive birthday event. It includes the folowing:

The 5 pony carousel for 1 hour. 1 ride per child on our Party Train. Coloring pages for the kids. A fire, and marshmallows and sticks for roasting. A Pony Farm T-shirt for the birthday child. A picnic area for 4 hours to host all the activities.

This package is good for parties of up to 30 kids. this package only available April 1st - Oct. 1st.      $400 + tax


Birthday Party Extras:

Make your birthday party at our farm even more memorable with the addition of one of the following services:

A.  Available with Package 1, 2, or 3: Our staff can provide a 1/2 hour hands-on grooming and saddling class for your party guests. The grooming class is an additional $30 for the 1/2 hour session.  Unlimited number of participants may attend the class.

B.  Available with Package 1, 2, or 3:  Finger paint a real live pony.  This is the most fun you will ever have at a party.  Paint a real pony.  We will provide the staff, the pony, and the paint.  Birthday family will provide smocks or oversized shirts.  This activity will run 35-45 minutes for an additional fee of $100.  Recomended for ages 7-12.

C.  BBQ grill available upon request, free of charge if you bring briquettes.

D. We can start a Campfire for you and provide you with wood, marshmallows, and roasting sticks. The fee is $25. If you would like to do your own fire, the use of the fire ring is free.

E.Available with Package 1 or 2: Kids Party Train (ages 2-10 years). 10 -15 minutes of train rides. Up to 15 kids can fit in the train. $50 Click here for more pictures.

F. Extra time in the picnic area is $25 per hour, and must be scheduled in advance.

(360) 424-7630 - langshorseandponyfarm@hotmail.com
We can also bring ponies to your location. Click here to learn more.