Volunteer Information

At Lang's,
"We make riding fun!"

We welcome the help of all of our volunteers at the farm. Adults and children 12 years and over who are interested in increasing their knowledge and “hands on” experience are welcome to apply to be a volunteer. This is a great way to gain more horse experience, learn about farm life, and develop a good work ethic. This is a work program. All volunteers are expected to come with a good attitude, lots of smiles, and be ready to experience the daily routines of operating a ranch. However, this is not a barter program. We don’t exchange riding time for work.

Requirements - Volunteers must be highly motivated individuals who can be responsible for following directions and working without constant supervision. You must be at least 12 years of age (we love adult volunteers as well). Good people skills are a must, as you will be working with our customers and with children.


Your DutiesDepending on the time of day and the particular days on which you volunteer, you will get to participate in many different activities. You will be catching horses and ponies from the field, lunging, grooming, saddling, and bridling. You will also be asked to help keep all manure picked up out of the corral and off the main trail. You may be asked to help clean stalls in the barn, feed and water the horses, and help with other stable chores. You may also be asked to assist younger riders by leading their ponies. Seasonal duties may include raking leaves, cleaning tack, breaking ice out of water troughs, or picking rocks out of the horse arenas.


Benefits - You will learn about horses and farm life, have lots of fun, develop a good work ethic, and make lots of new friends. Also, you’ll get lots of exercise, wear out a few pairs of shoes, get in great shape and sleep well at night.  Developing leadership skills, gaining responsibility, and become a self-starter are also benefits of volunteering at Lang’s. Many of our young volunteers grow up to be our best employees. You will make lifelong memories, and learn the joy of working with horses, ponies, and kids.


We have made levels for our volunteers to progress through.  All volunteers ages 12 to 16 years can work their way through each level as they build more knowledge and spend more volunteer hours with us.  We are also requiring new paperwork, and attendance at a training program. Click here to learn more about the volunteering levels and expectations.

(360) 424-7630 - langshorseandponyfarm@hotmail.com