Dear Staff Applicant:



Thank you for your interest in working at Lang's Horse and Pony Farm.  Our farm is physically demanding, yet very rewarding.

Lang’s is looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving people who can dedicate time in their life to helping our customers learn about horses.  Working as staff is one of the most enjoyable but intense jobs you will ever have, and it is not for everyone.  Whether you are here in the summer as a counselor, trail guide, or support staff you will work long hours but the benefits are great.  The smiling faces of our campers and trail riders are very rewarding.

If you are interested in applying for a position please continue to the next page, it describes the type of people we are looking for and the application process.  Thank you for your interest in working at Lang’s.  If you are selected you will have the experience of a lifetime.



Lola Lang, Owner



  Summer Jobs at Lang’s
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